My Dream In the Fog

Huck and I guessed that we’d be in Cairo in three nights more. But the second night it started to get foggy, so Huck set out in the canoe to find a towhead to tie to. I couldn’t hardly see anything and I was getting scared. I couldn’t move the raft or anything so I just stayed still and waited for Huck to come get me. I was beginning to lose hope until a heard a whoop coming from somewhere in the distance. I whooped back and he did again, but even after all the whooping there was still no sign of him and the canoe. It stayed quiet for a long time so I just sat and waited as the raft kept floating wherever it was going. I was getting real lonely and tired after a while, so I sat down with my head between my knees and fell asleep. And when I woke up, there was Huck! I was so happy to see him alive and back again. But my, did he make a fool of me. He told me that he wasn’t ever actually gone, and there was no fog, I had just been dreaming. And you know what? I believed it, and I told him all about my “dream”, and tried to interpret it. But then I noticed to rubbish all over the raft, and I knew he was lying to me. I got real mad and hurt that he did that so he apologized later, and I think he really meant it.

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